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  • Stops stooping by gently pulling back the shoulders
  • Trains your body to adopt a better healthy posture even when not wearing the posture brace
  • Reduces tension and pain in your shoulders and upper back.
  • Hyper-allergenic breathable material
  • Endorsed by London Spine Clinic Harley Street
  • Low profile and can be worn under or over your clothes

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Comfortable to wear

It only takes a few seconds to put on the Posture Brace and due to its super low profile, it can be discreetly worn under a shirt / t-shirt or blouse.

Simpy put it on like a backpack and adjust the tension so you feel very slight pressure in the shoulders. Our unique padded backplate then does the rest so you adopt a healthy and positive posture.

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Instantly Improve Your Posture

  • Gently pulls back your shoulders
  • TDiscreet – practically invisible
  • Ensures correct posture whist working
  • Anti microbial mean you can wear the Posture Brace for long periods without getting hot and sweaty.

Award Winning Design
Unlike any other posture support on the market

It took over two years of research, development and testing and 14 prototypes before the posture brace was ready to launch.

And that time spend was well worth it, as we have now helped over 10,000 people improve their posture in the UK, USA and across Europe.

Unique Flexi Three Core BackPlate
Align your spine - total solution

Fixing your posture is more that pulling your shoulders back. You also need to ensure that your spine is also put in the correct position to create long term results.

And that is why our Posture Brace is like no other available.

Our flexi three core backplate provides support that encourages your body to extend the spine, engage your core and create a lasting healthy, positive posture.

Retrain Your Body
Everyone can achieve a better posture

Bad posture is a learnt behaviour and the truth is that everyone can stand straight and tall but we choose not to do so!

The Posture Brace overcomes this by retraining your body to hold a healthy and natural posture.

Our flexi three core backplate provides support that encourages your body to extend the spine, engage your core and create a lasting healthy, positive posture.

Approved by -
London Spine Clinic on Harley Street

The Posture Brace, has been designed with considerable input from Mr John Sutcliffe leading Spinal Neurosurgeon at the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street.

With over 20 years of Private surgery Mr Sutcliffe has been instrumental in the design and development of the Posture Brace

Low Profile -
Wear under or over your clothes

And Super Discreet
Practically invisible

We have made the Posture Brace super discreet. It is practically invisible when worn under even a T-Shirt. And due to the Hyper-allergenic breathable material you can wear it for hours without even knowing it is there.

The only thing you will notice is that your posture has improved and you are stood tall and straight.

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Makes a big difference! Bought the brace after suffering with bad back and posture. I tend to wear it every few days for a few hours to straighten me up! Really find it helps manage the pain....

Review by R Henton
Posted on 18/10/2016

Took care of my slouching. I only wear it a few hours a day and it has given relief to an annoying dull pain between my shoulder blades & improved my posture.

Review by T Morrisby
Located in Manchester

I stand taller and move with more confidence. I have always had poor posture but it wasn't until I started playing volleyball that I realised I needed to do something about it.

I decided to try a shoulder brace but I wanted to get one that had a good orthopedic pedigree and this company seemed to fit the bill. I have been using the brace as recommended and there has been a huge improvement in my posture.

I stand taller, move with more confidence and was delighted when a fellow player asked me if I had grown! I am very pleased with this product and happy to recommend it and this company who were very helpful.

Review by Lucy
Posted on 27/09/2016

I found this item very good it helped my back a lot... I Held my back up right so got a good posture, It's worth the price and found this item very good.

Review by I Loughton
Located in Hertfordshire


Benefits of the Posture Brace

Improve your Posture
30 Days to a better posture or your Money Back

In as little as 2 hours a day wearing the posture brace will retain your body to adopt a better posture.

If you don’t see a significant improvement in 30 days return the posture brace back to us for a 100% refund.